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When I saw him the first time, long before us working together, my first thought was: what a strong man. He always says how he started coaching and you understand where from the strength.
As coach, he is not telling you what to do. But he is „holding your hand” as you walk through the crossed and blurry paths of your own mind, filled with questions that seem to never stop popping or get answered. And little by little you wake up and smell the roses, you start seeing that the Sun is there and things are clearer… And he was there to help you all this time to dust of everything you thought wrong about yourself. And with him by your side you understand that there is nothing wrong with you, you just have to…love yourself, trust yourself more, be silly, be crazy. You understand that it is not changing but transformation, becoming your better self is what happens during the time you are accompanied in coaching by George. You get to understand yourself better, see yourself in a clearer mirror. Understand that you are always safe within yourself if you treat yourself with kindness and patience and tolerance.
For me George was also like a little „tool shop”. Like a mechanic who is not only helping you understand the place of each piece of puzzle within you but also giving you tools for the Road, so when you get stuck again you can help yourself.
George Bragadireanu is a real source of inspiration not primarily because of what he says but due to what and how and specially Who he is, exactly as he is at the moment. Opened, open minded, kind, funny, warm. He knows to show you also when he is „learning” from you, discovering, enjoying. And at the same time being direct and straight, with kindness.
I know where I was and how when we first started working. I see where I am now, after all the work together. Better? Yes. Stronger? Yes. Clearer? Yes. Is it finished, the work? Not by far. But I am safer within me now. Stronger. Better. And with useful tools at my reach.
I think that one of the most important conclusions I made after our work together on the Better-Me Project is that this work is continuous. It is the real never ending story of discovering myself. And if I put Love, Trust and Patience in this work, the results are a Wonder(-Woman), a Beautiful Human Being as I was firstly created to be. Thank you for your help in understanding this better and understanding the real value and meaning of Inside Bloom.
Mulțumesc George.